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Guide Lena Watanabe

Name:Lena Watanabe

Available language: English

Available area: Takayama Gero Hida Shirakawa

Speciality: Food Culture Sightseeing Nature

Guide fee:
Half Day: JPY 13,000 -, Full Day JPY 26,000 – (including tax)
For a group up to 8 persons (Please inquire for a group of more than 8)
*The prices do not include transportation fees, entrance and admission fees to facilities, activity fees and meals etc.

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It has been 3 years since I moved to Shirakawa Village. As I live in Shirakawa-go UNESCO World Heritage Site, I can tell you some local and rare information.
Talking about myself, I like doing Yoga and camping. I had been Camping Instructor, so I love rich nature such as mountains, forests and lake. I have been fascinated by Shirakawa Village, which has beauties showed up in each season, and villagers who adapt to the harsh environment and enjoy living. The traditional Gassho-style house is very wisdom from the old. Also, Shirakawa Village is surrounded with around mountains 2000 meters high, which means it has the supreme area to experience exciting nature. I can offer “experiential tour” to do nature activities like trekking in the mountain and Stand Up Paddle Board in the beautiful lake, and also, to craft coasters and basket out of tree called “Hide” which is traditional craftwork in Shirakawa Village.
Hida area is worth a trip in point of beautiful landscape, great tradition and culture, delicious foods and Onsen.
I guide you with warm-hearted hospitality. Let’s make enjoyable and memorable stay with me in Hida area!


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