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Guide Mayumi  Tsukuda

Name:Mayumi Tsukuda

Available language: English

Available area: Takayama Hida Shirakawa

Speciality: Food Culture Sightseeing Nature

Guide fee:
A half day tour 15,000 yen (about 3~4 hours)
A full day tour 28,000 yen (about 7 hours)

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Hi, I’m Mayumi. I work as a licensed tour guide and a professional basket maker. I had a lot of experience having exhibitions in foreign countries.
As a tour guide, I can give you the latest local information that you won’t find in your guidebook.
I teach English and Japanese basketry. I was an assistant art teacher in PA, USA. So, craftwork tours are my strong point. I can give you a basketry lesson as well. I have traveled to more than 35 countries because I love meeting people and experiencing different cultures.
My specialty is arts and crafts.
I provide a traditional Japanese basketry lesson in my studio.
You can make a unique basket with me.
And also, you’ll get to enjoy the Japanese culture and way of living, such as having an opportunity to play shamisen, a three-stringed musical instrument, as part of home visit program.
I can arrange your tour plan according to your interests.
When I worked as an assistant art teacher in Pennsylvania (USA), many students told me that they didn’t know much about Japanese culture.
That’s why I’m interested in introducing Japanese culture to guests in Takayama.
My home is surrounded by nature, away from the noise of the city.
Let’s take a walk together. The birds inhabiting the woods are waiting for you.
You’ll experience the real Japanese way of life in the countryside.
I’m looking forward to meeting you at my home.