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Guide Natsuko Kaito

Name:Natsuko Kaito

Available language: English

Available area: Takayama Gero Hida Shirakawa

Speciality: Food Culture Sightseeing History

Guide fee:
the guide fee first 3hours 12000JPY /6hours 22000JPY
same-day payment
your transportation and admisson fee are not included.

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hi, i was born and raised here in Takayama!
what are you interested in our town?
what would you like to know?
i could show you part of our daily life.
how about going to Asaichi morning market to get some breakfast? or you get tired of Washoku Japanese foods ? i know nice bakeries. i will show you from traditional stuff to the local supermarkets!
if you are interested in Japanese cooking, you can try!

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