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Yasuji Matsumoto

Name:Yasuji Matsumoto

Available language: English

Available area: Takayama Gero Hida Shirakawa

Speciality: Food Culture History Sightseeing

Guide fee:
Guide fee 1 to 6 persons
・33,000 yen (6h-8h)
・21,000 yen (1h-4h)
extra hours 2,000 yen @hour

*the fee starts when we meet at pick-up place.
*the guide charge does not include the fees such as transportation , entrance to facilities, sports activity or meals at restaurant etc.

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Hi ! Welcome to JAPAN ! I’m Yasuji, born and brought up here in Gifu , where you ‘d be astonished by a nature-rich countryside lifestyle .
I ‘ve been well trained as a certified Hida Regional Guide for these years. Now, I’m always prepared for welcoming you in my hometown , not only here in Hida Region , but also in any other places while you stay in Japan.

If you would request, I ‘d really love to give you an experience-based tour, such as flower arrangement , tea ceremony , hiking , traditional-handicrafts workshop e.t.c.
I hope it must be a custom- made voyage just for you.

I’ve been practicing Kendo, traditional old-styled Japanese fencing, for many years.
If you wish, I ‘d give you a good information about Teshu Yamaoka, Kendo Master, brought up in Takayama from 7 to 17 years of his age. You can visit the sites concerned with him or I would show you what “Muto-ryu”(founded by him) is or you would take part in real practices.

I’m good at angling Ayu(sweet fish) as a sport, using an alive Ayu. This system is called “Tomozuri”, traditionally beloved in Japan. I’m an expert angler especially in Mazegawa river of Gero city.And also in Mino Region, we have Nagara River as the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) inscribed by the U. N. in 2015.(url:

I can help you to enjoy angling Ayu fish in Nagara river or in Mazegawa river. We can enjoy this fishing system during the summer season as the same period of Cormorant Fishing Show ,which is held in the Nagara river from May until October. A salt-grilled Ayu-fish is one of the Japanese best cuisine.

I do speak French and German as well as English.

Let’s enjoy the culture of Japan with me !