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Yoko Tabata

Name:Yoko Tabata

Available language: English

Available area: Takayama Gero Hida Shirakawa

Speciality: Food Culture Sightseeing Hiking

Guide fee: Takayama Memorable Full-day Tour (6 hours) 9am-3pm 20000JPY. (Explore Takayama with the popular guide! Only available on certain days at the moment.) For a day trip from Takayama to Seki (swordmaking city), Gujo (Aizome indigo dyeing, castle town, food replica), Mino (amazing handmade papers),etc., please feel free to contact me.



Hi, I am Yoko Tabata, a friendly regional Licensed Guide Interpreter. I’ve been sharing beauties of this prefecture with people from around the world. This area is great fun: local, historical, culturally important, sometimes mysterious and beautiful! Let me help you have a day tailored to you. Visit the best places, venues, spots and locations with me. I am a mother of two girls. I’d be happy to welcome families and I can arrange a tour depending on your situation. Please ask. I also translate and teach English. And I am a host of an Internet radio program. I like meeting people and all these experiences allow me to be good at communicating as a guide. I can also guide you around MINO (handmade papermaking which achieved UNESCO status), SEKI (samurai sword making), GUJO (life with clean water), GIFU (traditional fish catching method “Ukai/cormorant fishing” in the Nagara River) and MAGOME-TSUMAGO Trail. I look forward to exploring Japan’s local culture and life with you. Arigatou!