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Guide Zenichi Hosoe

Name:Zenichi Hosoe

Available language: English

Available area: Takayama Gero Hida Shirakawa

Speciality: Food Culture Sightseeing History

Guide fee: Tuesday~Friday (10a.m.~3p.m.) a group of 6 and below ¥3,000/hour

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I’m a talented tour guide, because I have two licenses, the national tour guide and the Hida regional tour guide. I will guide you some attractive cities located in the NAGARA-gawa river basin instead of Hida area in 2019. Gifu city (Gifu park,Mt. Kinka,Gifu castle,Zazen,the great Buddha,Kawaramachi street,cormorant fishing,etc.) Seki city(Traditional swordsmith museum,Feather museum,Zenko-ji temple,etc.) Mino city(Udatsu-lined old street,Washi Akari art hall,Former residence of the Imai family,etc.) Gujo city(Traditional buildings preservation area,Fresh spring water-Sogisui,Pathway where carp swim,Experience making food replicas,etc.) If you are interested in visiting these cities,please send me an e-mail. I hope you will come to the NAGARA-gawa river basin before and after visiting Hida area. Thank you.